Have you purchased through Amazon since 2015?

An expert economist estimates UK consumers were overcharged by £1B+ due to Amazon’s Buy Box algorithm. You may have rights to potential compensation.

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    What is Amazon’s Buy Box?

    Amazon’s Buy Box is the white box on the right side of Amazon’s product detail page. Here, customers are presented with the Add to Basket and Buy Now buttons.

    What is the result of Amazon’s alleged wrongdoing?

    An expert economist estimates that more than 80% of UK Amazon shoppers bought the product in the Buy Box, despite similar products possibly available at a lower price on Amazon. Preliminarily, the expert estimates UK consumers were overcharged by over £1 billion.

    What is the Claim Against Amazon?

    It is alleged Amazon manipulated how it presents available products through its Buy Box feature, suppressing competition in its marketplace. As a result, Amazon customers have been exploited and over-charged for the products they bought.

    The claim asserts that Amazon has a special responsibility to UK consumers as the largest e-commerce marketplace. Competition law seeks to stop practices that undermine or restrict competition to the detriment of consumers. Amazon appears to have abused its dominant position in contravention of competition law.

    Legal Team in the Claim Against Amazon’s Buy Box

    Robert Hammond, the Proposed Class Representative in the collective claim against Amazon, has engaged Hagens Berman EMEA LLP and Charles Lyndon Limited, law firms experienced in collective proceedings.

    Hagens Berman EMEA is the latest endeavour of global litigation pioneer Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, whose skilled litigators advocate on behalf of those who need it most though class and collective actions. Based in London, Hagens Berman EMEA delivers intensive investigative skills to unearth antitrust schemes, competition violations and other wrongdoing, especially in the area of consumer protection against Big Tech.

    Charles Lyndon is a litigation firm based in London. Their litigation lawyers are experienced in representing claimants in high-profile claims before the Competition Appeal Tribunal. They have acted in a broad range of class-action and competition law cases and are at the forefront of the collective proceedings regime. 

    An expert economist will provide evidence regarding the economic aspects of the case, particularly how to assess the amount of overpayments as a result of Amazon’s conduct. Significant funding has been secured from US-based litigation funder Four World Capital, as well as a large amount of insurance coverage. Eligible class members will not have to pay any money as a result of taking part in this claim.